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HeadZup Podium

ECS Video's HeadZup podium provides a seamless, discreet integration of podium and prompter. The HeadZup Speech Teleprompter mounts on the desk of the podium, eliminating the need for stands in front of the podium. Cable holes, adjacent to the prompter unit on the desk's surface, keep the desk-top free of clutter. The view of the podium from the audience's perspective is so clean that they may not even notice the mounted prompter. The exterior of the Podium is a high quality, natural walnut veneer.

ECS Video Systems, Inc. gladly services Boston and all of New England.


HeadZup Podium Slip Covers

Our podiums have the unique feature of being able to change color to fit your stage or set. They can show their beautiful walnut veneer finish or they can change to either gray or black with our high-quality custom made slip covers.

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